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Hi all,

-hides in embarrassment- Euhm sorry for like… abandoning this blog and not even logging Tumblr… I’m alright just kinda lost interest in this site. I’m trying to catch up with manga updates now and well…

Random thoughts about HnR

I just can’t see how it can possibly be a Mazume ending with only 3 chapters left?? Like Suzume sees Shishio EVERYWHERE this won’t just go away in 3 chapters… In my opinion a Shizume ending is a lot lot lot more easier at this point. Whatever the ending is though, I’m really disappointed with this manga. Expected better and to be honest this is the last time I read any kind of love triangle. I promised this myself after VK but this is indeed the last straw.

himederesama replied to your post: anonymous said:i miss ur edits :(…

Kannabi Hi! long time no see or maybe read ? ^^ I miss your edits too! u_u

Hi! -waves- Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you ;__; I really should edit I even have ideas just kinda lazy to do anything…

Seemingly really nice and honest guys can turn out to be the biggest assholes ever.

Anonymous asked:
i miss ur edits :(  

Aww anon, this makes me happy ♥ And I’m sorry it’s just I kinda lost interest in Tumblr. :/ I have a few ideas though so maybe once I’m home I will do something :)


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The Blood and The Snow

The Horror and the Gentleness

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Sometimes you keep falling

You don’t catch anything

Sometimes they catch you