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Ao Haru Ride OPSekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru by CHiCO


It doesn’t matter what other people say or think. I want it, so I’m going to take it. - Shishio Satsuki

happy birthday to my pick up line pal, francesca (hover the link for more)! 


People who make edits for fandoms work hard on them, they really do. They make them for themselves and for the fans of the character, ship. show, etc. They don’t make them to please everyone. If you don’t like the thing, don’t reblog the thing. Don’t reblog it and add your theories and rude comments. Enjoy the artwork or don’t touch it. Respect other peoples hardwork whether or not you agree with it.

Yeah. Me, too. I loved you. That means it’s all in the past. I’m different. You’re different. We can’t go back to it.

Makoto Tachibana AKA gorgeous supermodel

Fuck, I’ve been bitten by the YuMe bug


anyone free to grab and help me look for caps. I can’t remember the pages like I do with Bleach (been reading that for 10 years now anime watcher first)

but I will tell you what I am looking for

I might be able to help… tell me what you are looking for.


"In the future and in the past, a peerless connection exists for all eternity…" 
I have just found out that in my mother tongue, and in another English translation of this quote I found, the connection was described as “peerless” meaning: ‘having no equal, unrivaled, incomparable’, which is something even superior to “unique”.

Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship is peerless, there is nothing comparable and rivaling them. Bye guys, I’m dying in the ocean of feels.